The Science Innovation Cycle

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Talk at the PARKINSON LEADERS WORKSHOP in Berlin, 29.08.2022.

To myself: I am a patient with scientific education, diagnosed in 2008, less than 10 years after my PhD in molecular genetics.

To the point: I am convinced, there would be no Atom-Bombe, no Man on the Moon and no Human Genome sequenced yet, if we would’ve tried to do it, as we have tried to find a cure for Parkinson’s Disease.

Obviously, the applied problem-solving strategy does not match the problem.

I feel something has to be changed…

…since our goal is to terminate Parkinson’s Disease and to remove it from the list of incurable diseases within a decade.

But, is this goal realistic at all?

The truth is: I cannot answer this question with yes or no. Nobody can.

But I know: the probability to be successful and achieve this goal, growth with the amount of Knowledge we generate.

Knowledge generation is the purpose of SCIENCE. In German: „Wissenschaft schafft Wissen.“ The process of scientific knowledge generation transforms money & intelligence into knowledgE. And as we all know: knowledgE is Power is Energy.

This Energy can feed another process. This process generates money. It is called INNOVATION.

The complimentary interdependence of these two processes can be visualized.

I call the resulting image the Science-Innovation-Cycle.

And again:
The science process S needs money m and intelligence i and generates knowledgE. And this knowledgE this Energy can be applied together with intelligence to the INNOVATION process that generates money.

Next question:

Wouldn’t it be cool or even useful to combine these 4 letters (E m i i) to a meaningful equation?!

I tried and found this one.

E = mi2

I call it: The fundamental equation of scientific knowledge generation.

But what does this equation tell us?

There are two components that are crucial for the success of a scientific project, for the process of knowledge generation: money & intelligence. And intelligence is even more important then money that’s why i2

Consequently,If we want to be successful with our project we need to attract the brightest brains, a multidisciplinary, multi-national champions-league team as well as a sufficient amount of money – FROM PRIVATE INVESTORS AS WELL AS FROM GOVERNMENTS…

How to do all this is what our Roadmap 1.0 is all about.

Finally, and with a big smile I noticed there was another cool guy who came up with a similar equation (E=mc2) quite some time ago. This equation was in the end the basis for the Manhattan Project – which he actually initiated with a letter to the US President, Roosevelt in 1939.

And as I put his equation into my presentation environment it is (by the moon) automatically transformed into the new equation. Indeed both equations E=mc2 and E=mi2 appear at the same place simultaneously. Isn’t THIS funny?!

Thank you for your attention.

Are there any questions?

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